Some patients want whiter teeth immediately or at least as soon as possible. Our office offers one – visit technology that can whiten your teeth several shades in about an hour, additionaly, we offer a take home whitening system that can lighten teeth up to three shades in four nights.

Root canal treatment, also known as endodontic treatment, is the process of removing infected, injured or dead pulp from the tooth. The space inside the hard layers of each tooth is called the root canal system. This system is filled wit soft dental pulp made up of nerves and blood vessels that help your tooth grow and develop.
In our practice, we use microscope on every case, as the root canal procedure takes place in a very small area of the tooth and requires expert precision to effectively navigate the roots and canals.

¨Removable partial dentures usually consists of replacement teeth attached to a pink or gum-colored plastic bases, which are connected by metal framework. Removable partial dentures attach to your natural teeth with metal clasps or devices called precision attachment¨

¨Porcelain inlays and onlays are restorations used to repair rear teeth have mild to moderate amount of decay. They can also be used to restore teeth that are cracked or fractured if the damage is not severe enough to require a dental crown¨

Crowns are a type of dental restoration which when cemented into place, fully cup over a portion of a tooth that lies at and above the gum line. There are different types of crowns but porcelain crowns posses a translucency that makes them, cosmetically, the most pleasing.

Dentures, commonly called ¨false teeth¨are prosthetic teeth set in artificial gums, complete and partial dentures are removable for easier cleaning. When some natural teeth remain, a partial denturte can be fitted to replace the missing teeth. A partial denture rests on gum tissues and it is usually held in place by metal clasps securing it to adjacent teeth.

Porcelain laminates bonded to the Surface of a tooth to replace chips and cracks will improve a worn appearance or sever tooth discoloration, veneer may also be recommended if you have gaps in your teeth.

Dental implants are artificial tooth replacements that are used as part of prosthetic (artificial replacement) dentistry to compensate for tooth loss. A small titanium fixture is surgically implanted below the gum tissue and into the jaw bone to serve as a root for a prosthetic Crown. Implants are practically indistinguishable from your natural teeth and can be used to replace one tooth, a partial or a complete denture.

Porcelain and composite resin are used to provide a tooth-like appearance.

Dental cleanings basically consist of removal of plaque and the cleaning of the teeth to prevent cavities and gum disease.

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